Monday, January 6, 2014

When dealing with liars, the devil's always in the details.

Do you think, for a moment, that if Obamacare was anywhere close to meeting it's enrollment goals, Obama wouldn't be holding press conferences every hour? Who does he think he's fooling?

Unlocking the mystery of Obamacare demographics

"Even as she proudly announced Tuesday that more than 2.1 million people enrolled in Obamacare insurance by the end of 2013, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and her spokeswomen were conspicuously mum on just who those people are—a fact that could push plan prices higher next year. "
They're in quite a pickle. State data suggests it's mostly, or more likely only, old sick people and indigent folks industrious enough to get up off their dead asses and take the free stuff. Releasing the bad news now will only add fuel to an angry American public, but waiting only puts off bad news until it's more convenient for GOP candidates to hammer Democrats into the ground come election time with fresh disasters.

Either way, it's good quality entertainment watching these reprobates stew in their own natural juices, isn't it?

Just because I think it's funny

Submitted without comment.

Glerbal Werming update: It's Cold

It's been a really bad couple of weeks for warming kooks.

First, a ship of fools gets stranded in Antarctic summer ice…that is, summer ice. Two ice breakers fail to reach their ice bound ship, one gets stranded in ice….again, that is summer ice. Hilarity ensues, of course.

There's been some talk about the "carbon footprint" they created with their fools errand; first they promised to plant 500 trees (snicker), but some wit has used their own calculator to figure it's gonna take more like 5000 to offset their little trip....get plantin' boys.

Meanwhile, back at the ice pack, that's the summer ice pack, don't forget, the crew of the ice bound Chinese Ice breaker can be counted on to take a more pragmatic tack, Chinese are nothing if not pragmatic. They're probably leaping over the gunwales with belaying pins clenched in their teeth to dispatch some Harp seals to offset their losses.


Now, it’s cold here in the US. No, it’s really cold. It’s colder than it’s ever been in many parts of the country. It’s so cold, most warming scientists, with a shred of self respect have pulled the covers over their heads, fat government grants be damned; “No comment”.

But that doesn’t mean their pointy headed enablers on the left aren’t giving it the ol’ college try..

“Can global warming be real if it’s cold in the U.S.? Um… yes!”

Wait for it…yeah, you know what I mean…. 

Of course it doesn’t dear Ezra.  Weather isn't climate, isn't that how it goes? At least not when the finger is being pointed at you. But, when it’s hot, well now, that’s another story isn’t it?

2012 Has Been Warmest Year In U.S. To Date, Third Hottest Summer

So, what’s the NOAA have to say?

Many areas of the world experienced higher-than-average monthly temperatures, including: much of Eurasia, coastal Africa, Central America, central South America, parts of the North Atlantic Ocean, the south west Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Much of southern Russia, northwest Kazakhstan, south India, southern Madagascar, parts of the central and south Indian Ocean, and sections of the Pacific Ocean were record warm. Meanwhile, northern Australia, parts of North America, south west Greenland, and parts of the Southern Ocean near South America were cooler than average.”
Been hot, then cold…be hot again next August, probably. 

But right now, here in Greenville, SC, it's cold. And it's gonna be colder tomorrow. Don't know 'bout all y'all, but I'm heading down to the BiLo to stock up on milk and bread, just to be sure.

Obviously we're not getting Cartel quality material.

Nevada has decided to throw in the towel on that silly border much trouble for everyone.

So first order of business is to get these newly welcomed undocumented aliens documented, so the trail lawyers can get an address to mail their flyers to when they need to sue a victim.

Problem is, it turns out the Nevada drivers test is tougher than swimming the Rio Grande...75% fail.

The answer is obvious, of course. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is racist. Someone call Jesse Jackson.

Things that Underwhelm

Oh, Madonna has posted a picture of her 13 year old son posing with a bottle of gin. Yeah, you say, so what it's Bombay; that's good stuff. Besides, it's Madonna, right? Bullet boobs, lesbians & so forth.

Rocco & his boys
Yeah, well that's all true and correct. I guess what's got some fuddy-duddies up in arms is the fact that it's akin to a mom in Chicago posting a picture of her kid holding a 9mm and flashing gang signs...just doesn't pass the smell test.
What do you think?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Warning: Irony-proof suit required

OK everyone, let's delve into the hive mind of the left, just a titch.

Here's a pack of lunatics that are up in arms over a law mandating a moment of silence to begin the day in South Carolina public schools, which students may use to pray, or not.

South Carolina Violates the Constitution With Plan For Mandatory Prayer In Public Schools

Our friends waste no time in bearing false witness. The law doesn't mandate kids pray; it offers the opportunity. Secondly, this law is a response to complaints about an earlier version which legal experts advised might have been unconstitutional.

We don't have to wade through the whole thing, it's mostly boiler plate Victorian vapours over the encroachment of God into our lives. The interesting part is here (scary smart lefties ahead):

"For people possessing the ability to reason, the idea of religion contributing to a person’s facility to learn and retain fact-based information is about as absurd as the notion the Universe is 6,000 years old.
An educator would likely ask pertinent academic performance questions such as will mandated prayer help a student better understand scientific theory, the periodic table, or why the Earth is over 6,000 years old. They would also ask for empirical data showing that mandated prayer will help younger students have better number sense, memorize multiplication facts, or learn how to use variables in mathematics to learn which state has the best educational outcomes."
See, they're worried about academics here. Many lefties fashion themselves extremely smart, or if not alien smart at least smarter than you and I. Well, that's wonderful except they just couldn't keep their own ignorant id held down long enough to close this sucker on a debatable note.
"The real travesty is that with religious fundamentalists abridging the 1st Amendment’s Separation and Establishment Clause with increased regularity with assistance by religious activist judges."
See there? Our lefty scholars just created a wholly new US Constitution, right out of the thin air, before your very eyes. The moonbat Constitution has a Separation and Establishment clause.

You may point and laugh now.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hey Y'all! Come watch the sophisticated lefties laugh at the li'l black baby!

We really didn't need more proof of the inner hatred lefties hold for the minorities they pander to, but there it is:

And of course...anything that interferes with the left's use of racism as their own personal amusement park\pillory\Pot O' Gold will be dealt with in exactly the same, clueless fashion.

No, don't bother calling them out personally, they don't get it and wouldn't change a thing if they did. Liberalism is a disease, and this is nothing more than another manifestation of it.